Rollout Management

We are able to draw from a large pool of knowledge and experience with planning and organizing the surface delivery of hardware and software as well as its operational integration. Knowledge and experience that is also stemming from major client environments. Therefore, our well-established processes enable us to accomplish rollouts for large environments under complex conditions with many IT workstations and local or nationwide allocation - and to be cost-effective and of high-quality at the same time.

IT Relocation

From inventory to system customization up to space planning, we offer all required planning services for the relocation of whole departments or divisions - so that you can leave your "old" office on Friday and already work in your new office on Monday morning. We jointly plan all organizational and technically required services with you in detail. Based on this, we will develop specific suggestions for realization.

Integration Management

Together, we define the roles and tasks of all involved in the project. The gateways to your line organization will be determined by an organization chart. By the transparent assignment of tasks and responsibilities, we achieve a conjoint understanding of the values and rules that are necessary for an efficient collaboration.

Human Resource Management

We ensure that all relevant interests as well as the necessary operational abilities and social qualifications are considered. We identify the required skill profiles and take these into account when selecting the project teams. The team members receive clearly defined work packages. By systematic guidance, the employees get a briefing and support for their tasks in order to establish a professional and harmonic working atmosphere.

Cost Management

We calculate and budget the total project expenses according to requirements. Within the scope of controlling, we continuously monitor the cost development so that all expenses can be retraced. The project results are evaluated based on the dimensions observance of the deadline, quality and costs.

Quality Management

We adjust processes on the special project needs. We express your requirements as measurable objectives to guarantee its implementation.

Time Management

We systematically manage the increasing project complexity by well-proven methods. For an intentional planning of the project development, a project structure plan is fundamental which covers all tasks as structured work packages including the respective dependencies. Thereby, we continuously monitor and ensure the implementation of subtasks on schedule.

Objective and Scope Management

We always define and document objectives and the scope of the project with you because measurable criteria are the basis for the verification of the project success.

Change Management

Technical innovations, changed conditions or additional requirements could occur during the ongoing project that might influence the work packages or project objectives. Our change process model specifies such requirements with the respective partners and induces the necessary changes to the project development. Thereby, we stay flexible without losing focus.

Risik Management

Processing a project always involves some risks. From the very beginning, we assess all risks concerning their probability and effects. Based on that, we create an action plan and continuously monitor the project development in order to proactively minimize the risks as best as possible.

Communication Management

Clearly defined decision-making processes and powers are central for a transparent communication. We make sure that there is a distinct defined communication structure and a consistent storage and usage of information. Our project bureau is the single point of contact. From here, all involved get their information on schedule and in the needed format.